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  • Hamilton and Rosberg make contact on Turn 1
  • Rosberg on pole
  • Vettel starts 13th and Raikkonen 18th
  • Hamilton needs nine points more than Vettel and two more than Rosberg to win title
    Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton was crowned the 2015 Drivers' World Champion in a topsy turvy race, that saw three different drivers lead the race during the course of the 56 laps. The Briton had the fortune of the safety car in the latter part of the race, but drove a brilliant race to take the win, after seeming to have lost it in the middle part of the race. Nico Rosberg finished second, with Sebastian Vettel putting in a great drive to finish third after starting in 13th.

Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat showed great promise at the start, and the former even lead the race ahead of the first stops. But once the track dried the Mercedes and Ferrari's were quicker. The Russian failed to finish after a massive crash with a few laps to go, while Ricciardo struggled after a late collision with Nico Hulkenburg, only managing a point in tenth.

Toro Rosso drivers Max Verstappen and Carlos Sainz put in great drives in tough conditions to finish fourth and seventh respectively, with the Spaniard clearly a contender for the drive of the day after starting last on the grid.

The McLaren-Honda cars had a good race, with Jenson Button finishing in sixth place, his best for the season. But Alonso, who was in fifth at one point lost out to Daniel Ricciardo on the last lap and finished in 11th.

Only 12 cars managed to cross the finish line with home favourite Alex Rossi, who was driving only his second race in Formula 1, put in a great drive in tough conditions despite finishing last.

Lewis Hamilton is crowned 2015 Drivers' World Champion. Three-times now!

Hamilton says: "Greatest moment of my life"

It's a Mercedes one-two and with Hamilton leading Rosberg, as Vettel comes in third, which hands Lewis Hamilton his third Drivers' World Championship.

Verstappen takes a great fourth place. Perez comes home in fifth with and Sainz with one of the drives of the day to finish seventh after starting dead last.


LAP 56/56 - FINAL LAP!! Hamilton leading from Rosberg and Vettel.

LAP 55/56 - Vettel is under a second behind Rosberg

LAP 54/56 - Sainz is now in sixth place, great drive from the Spaniard, who start last on the grid.

Vettel has closed to just over one second to Rosberg, the only way he can stop Hamilton winning the title is to finish second.

LAP 53/56 - Hamilton looking good for a third Drivers' World Championship, as Vettel slowly catches up to Rosberg in second.

LAP 50/56 - Ricciardo, who was leading the race at one time, is having a dreadful time after his collision with Hulkenburg, he is now in 11th place.

LAP 50/56 - Great battle between Button, Alonso, Sainz and Maldonado for sixth place. Button leads the pack.

LAP 49/56 - Nico Rosberg lights his rear tyres up and runs wide. HAMILTON LEADS. If it stays like this the Briton will be crowned World Champion.

LAP 48/56 - Alonso having his best race of the season, battling Perez for fifth place. Button in eighth place.

LAP 47/56 - Rosberg gets a good jump at the restart and maintains his lead over Hamilton. Vettel passes Verstappen for third place.

LAP 46/56 - Safety car is in this lap. Verstappen will struggle to keep Vettel behind, as the Ferrari driver is on much fresher rubber.

LAP 44/56 - Hamilton and Vettel stop under the Safety Car, Hamilton out in second and Vettel in fourth. Hamilton will have Rosberg in his sights now. Championship still possible.

LAP 43/56 - SAFETY CAR!! Kvyat goes into the wall on the penultimate corner. The Russian apologises for the mistake.

LAP 42/56 - Rosberg has passed Vettel and into second. The German looks good for the win now

LAP 41/56 - Rosberg is catching Vettel at a rapid pace as Hamilton debates whether to go until the end. It's very unlikely.

LAP 40/56 - Nico Rosberg is in third place behind Hamilton and Vettel. But the Briton will have to stop.

LAP 39/56 - The race is back on! The McLaren's are in the points.

LAP 39/56 - Rosberg comes in for a stop under the Virtual Safety Car. Hamilton yet to stop. Ricciardo and Kvyat are also in.

LAP 36/56 - Hulkenburg and Ricciardo collide and the Force India driver is out of the race. The Australian continues.

LAP 35/56 - Vettel losing time on the Mercedes cars, as Verstappen goes past Ricciardo with Hulkenburg close behind the Australian now

LAP 34/56 - Kvyat is dropping down the order, Verstappen and Hulkenburg go past as the Russian runs wide yet again. Verstappen and Hulk on the move.

LAP 34/56 - And Vettel makes a move again and this time he makes it stick. Vettel in third behind Rosberg and Hamilton

LAP 33/56 - Vettel has now gone past Ricciardo for third and the Australian goes in the very next turn. Rosberg still leads ahead of Hamilton

LAP 33/56 - Vettel has passed Kvyat on Turn 1 at the restart

LAP 32/56 - Safety Car coming in this lap

LAP 32/56 - Safety Car still on the track. This could play into Vettel's hands

LAP 30/56 - Back markers now un-lapping themselves. Hamilton can still win his third drivers' title today.

LAP 29/56 - Vettel will now go until the end, while all the cars around him will have to stop again.

LAP 28/56 - Safety car is out, as Vettel makes a stop onto the medium tyres. Race leader Rosberg is instructed to stay out.

LAP 27/56 - Marcus Ericsson makes it six cars out of the race. SAFETY CAR!!

LAP 26/56 - Kimi Raikkonen gets lapped by Hamilton and Ricciardo, and immediately called into retire his car - front break problems.

LAP 26/56 - Hamilton is closing in on Ricciardo, could be a matter of time before he makes his move.

LAP 25/56 - Rosberg was over a second faster than Hamilton on the previous lap.

LAP 25/56 - Rosberg is the fastest car on track as he extends his lead. Hamilton catching Ricciardo in second, slowly but surely.

LAP 24/56 - Williams' day has gone from bad to worse as Massa also retires. A double retirement after Bottas' early withdrawal.

LAP 24/56 - Vettel has gone past Kvyat and is now in fourth place - started in 13th.

LAP 23/56 - The Mercedes cars are coming alive as the track is drying. Hulkenburg sets the fastest lap now after Jenson Button and Vettel.

LAP 22/56 - Nico Rosberg takes the lead from Ricciardo, as Hamilton passes Kvyat for third place.

LAP 20/56 - Kimi after going on to the slicks and slids of to the tracks and into the barriers. He keeps it going but needs a new front wing and tyres.

LAP 20/56 - Hamilton has lost a place to Kvyat as well. the World championship leader is now in fourth place.

LAP 19/56 - Vettel also in for his stop for a set of soft compound tyres

LAP 19/56 - Hamilton first of the front runners to pit. On to the soft compound dry tyres

LAP 18/56 - Rosberg finally makes the move stick and passes his teammate, as Hamilton is called into the box

LAP 18/56 - Great battle between Vettel, Verstappen and Kimi, as all drivers except Ricciardo seem to be struggling with their tyres.

LAP 16/56 - Ricciardo is pulling away from Hamilton as Rosberg makes an unsuccessful move to pass his teammate

LAP 15/56 - Ricciardo is the new race leader!! breezes past Hamilton.

LAP 15/56 - Ricciardo takes a look on the inside, as Raikkonen continues his battle with Sainz for ninth place. The intermediates are struggling.

LAP 14/56 - Ricciardo sets the fastest lap of the race. Right behind Hamilton now!

LAP 13/56 - Kvyat lost a place to Ricciardo trying a move on Rosberg, while Ricciardo is now in second after going past Rosberg.

LAP 11/56 - Grosjean comes into the pits and goes on to a set of soft tyres and immediately slides off after a couple of turns.

Pirelli has suggested a cut off time of 1.48 for the dry tyres, while the quickest driver's are still doing 1.57's

LAP 11/56 - It's going to be a gamble on the tyres. Slicks are not quick enough and not gripping as well, while the intermediates are heating up.

LAP 9/56 - Rosberg just over half a second behind Hamilton, as he is informed " no more rain expected" It will be time for the slicks in a few laps.

LAP 8/56 - Rosberg is now in second place, both the Red Bull cars behind him. Ricciardo furious, but the pass seems legal.

LAP 7/56 - Nico has passed Ricciardo just at the end of the virtual safety car period

LAP 6/56 - Debri still being cleared, cars suffering problems with tyre temperatures. The track is drying quickly.

Bottas retires after making a horrible decision to switch to the slicks. Way to early that.

LAP 6/56 - Kvyat keeping Hamilton honest. The Red Bull cars looking very strong on the intermediate tyres.

LAP 6/56 - The virtual safety car is out due to the amount of debri on the track, as the Ferrari's make progress.

LAP 5/56 - Kvyat is right behind Hamilton, as Bottas' decision to go on to the slick tyres doesn't pay off as he gets lapped by the leaders. He is losing half a minute a lap.

Vettel is up to 7th from 13th, while Kimi is up to 9th after starting in 18th place.

Not a great way for Sauber to celebrate their 400th Grand Prix weekend. Marcus Ericsson runs over teammate Nasr's front wing.

Hamilton got the inside line and look a wide line leaving Rosberg no room, but it was proper racing.

Hamilton leads after Rosberg runs wide on Turn 1, Ricciardo, Kvyat, and Perez overtake the Mercedes driver. The German gets one place back. Now challenging Ricciardo in third.


Hamilton on the radio: "Track's drying out, drying out real quick!"

All the drivers are off the grid as they head for the formation lap. All cars on Intermediate tyres. Dry tyres are prepped as well.

Ferrari drivers, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen start in the 13th and 18th respectively. Keep an eye on their progress, if they get through the first lap in all the melee that could ensue at the start


Wet or dry, this is what the drivers have to contend with.

Finally some shadows, as Rosberg heads out to the grid.

The rain has stopped, for the moment, at the Circuit of the Americas and it looks like all drivers will start on the intermediate tyres.

Mercedes confirm the rain has stopped and the track is drying out, but will it remain that way? Hamilton and Rosberg going out on Intermediate tyres.

Hamilton on the brink of a third Drivers' World championship

The Lotus team seem optimistic about the weather, for the moment at least.

Just a glimpse of what the end of qualifying looked like

It has been a rain soaked weekend at the Circuit of the Americas. There have been storm showers throughout with Friday and Saturday seeing just one session each - FP1 and FP3 - FP2 and qualifying had to be cancelled and postponed respectively.

Qualifying was held on Sunday morning in Austin, Texas, but they were unable to complete the entire session and it was cancelled after Q2 due to adverse conditions. Nico Rosberg took pole ahead of Lewis Hamilton, owing to his fastest time in the second session.

The championship leading Briton can win his second consecutive Drivers' World Championship if he beats Rosberg by two points and Vettel by nine. The Ferrari driver is starting in 13th place owing to his 10-place grid penalty for an engine change.

Rain is forecast for the race as well, which will make it tricky for all the drivers on the grid. A safety car led start is a highly likely.

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