Update Nexus 4 to Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with Slim Bean ROM [How to Install]

Just a few days earlier the Nexus 4 received Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update with JellyTime v2 ROM. Now, yet another popular custom ROM - Slim Bean - has arrived on the Nexus phone with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean firmware.

The salient features of Slim Bean ROM include low storage requirement, lightweight profile, lower dpi and multi dpi playstore etc. Slim Bean ROM brings more customisation options than the earlier JellyTime ROM. However, users must note that the Slim Bean Alpha 1 ROM is still under development and harbours a couple of untested bugs or broken features. These issues are expected to be fixed with the forthcoming updates in due course of the development progress.

Known Issues or Broken Features

  • Face Unlock not working
  • Auto Restore not working

Key Points to Note

  • The Slim Bean Alpha 1 ROM and the instructions given in this guide are compatible with the Nexus 4 device only and will not work with any other device. Verify your device's model number by navigating to Settings > About Phone.
  • The instructions provided in this guide are meant for reference purposes only and IBTimes UK will not be held responsible if you damage or brick your device. Users are advised to proceed at their own risk.


  • Verify that the correct USB drivers are installed on your Nexus 4 to enable connectivity with the computer (Download Nexus 4 USB drivers)
  • IBTimes UK advises users to backup apps, important personal data and settings to avoid data loss while flashing the Android 4.2 Slim Bean ROM on your Nexus 4 smartphone.
  • Make sure that USB debugging mode is enabled by navigating to Settings > Developer options and check the USB debugging option.
  • Ensure that your Nexus 4 bootloader is unlocked and rooted with ClockworkMod Recovery installed on it. Check out our step-by-step guide to unlock bootloader, root and install ClockworkMod Recovery (CWM) on your Nexus device, which is posted here.
  • Verify that your phone battery has at least 85 percent charge before proceeding with the Slim Bean Alpha 1 ROM installation steps.


How to Install Slim Bean ROM Based Android 4.2 Jelly Bean Update on Nexus 4

1. Connect your phone to the computer with the original USB cable.

2. Now, copy the downloaded zip files to the root folder on your phone's SD card without extracting it.

3. Disconnect the USB cable from the computer and power off your smartphone (wait until the device completely shuts down).

4. Now, boot into recovery mode by first powering off your device and then boot into bootloader. Once you enter bootloader, navigate to Recovery Mode option using Volume keys and then select it by pressing Power button.

5. Take a Nandroid backup of your current ROM, so that you can restore it later if something goes wrong with the newly installed ROM. To do a backup, choose Backup and Restore and then hit Backup again. Return to main recovery menu once backup is complete.

6. Perform a full data wipe. To do so, click Wipe data/factory reset, then choose Yes on next screen to confirm the action. Wait for a few minutes until the data wipe process completes. Choose Format /System (this does not affect your Internal/External storage) under mounts and storage and then click Yes on next screen to confirm the action.

7. Select install zip from sdcard, then hit choose zip from sdcard. Now, browse to Slim_Mako_A1.zip file that you copied earlier in Step 2 and select it by pressing or tapping Power button. Confirm the ROM installation by clicking Yes on next screen and the installation process will begin.

8. After installing the ROM, repeat the step 7 but choose the 4.2_gapps-jb-20121119.zip file instead to install the Google apps package.

9. Now, repeat the step 7 but choose 4.2_MultiDpi.zip file instead of ROM zip to install the multi dpi play store.

10. Return to CWM recovery main menu. Choose wipe cache partition and after wiping process is done, hit Wipe Dalvik Cache under advance option to perform Dalvik cache wiping.

11. When all data wiping tasks complete, return to the main recovery menu and tap Reboot System Now to reboot Nexus 4 into Slim Bean Android 4.2 Jelly Bean ROM. The first boot may be time-consuming, so leave the device alone for about 5 minutes.

12. Returning to Previous ROM: To restore your previous ROM, boot into recovery, choose Backup and Restore then restore your previous ROM by selecting it from the list.

Slim Bean ROM Based Android 4.2 Jelly Bean update is now successfully installed on your Nexus 4.

[Source: Android Jinn]