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Travellers going to France have been warned over possible safety risks Artem Kamyshenkov/Adobe Stock

Holidaymakers heading to France have received an urgent travel warning as the country has "raised its national threat level to the highest level".

One of the most-visited countries across the globe, France, receives millions of tourists every year. The hotspot is also popular among British travellers, as both countries are well connected and easily accessible through trains and buses, apart from flights.

The UK's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) keeps its people updated about recent developments to ensure they have a smooth foreign trip. In their latest advisory, the FCDO has issued a warning over safety risks to holidaymakers travelling to France in the coming days.

"Following a fatal attack in Arras, northern France on October 13, 2023, France has raised its national threat level to the highest level ('Emergency Attack Level'). This threat level is described as 'maximum vigilance and protection in the event of an imminent threat of a terrorist act or in the immediate aftermath of an attack'," wrote FCDO in their advisory.

The Foreign Office has also alerted about possible evacuations of crowded places in France, including airports, public transport stations and stops, tourist sites, major sports venues, schools, places of worship and large commercial centres.

"Stay alert, be prepared for heightened security checks and follow the advice of local authorities," added FCDO.

There have been several protests taking place in a number of countries around the world related to events in Israel and Gaza, including France. However, the French government has banned such demonstrations and have increased security around Jewish community sites.

The FCDO has urged people to "Stay aware of your surroundings, stay away from demonstrations and follow the advice of local authorities".

A series of threats had led to the evacuation of airports and tourist attractions across France earlier this month. Some airports that were forced to get evacuated were in Lille, Lyon, Nice, Nantes, Paris Beauvais, Tillé and Toulouse.

Even the Palace of Versailles received similar threats that saw the evacuation of the tourist spot, while Paris' famous Louvre Museum was also vacated after a threatening message.

Earlier, the FCDO also warned people about the jacked up security measures at famous tourist hotspots across Greece due to an increase in protests amid the Hamas-Israel war. This warning came after thousands gathered on the streets in Athens on Wednesday (Oct. 18) in support of Palestine. Some protests in the past have turned violent, with the FCDO suggesting people move to a safer place if they find themselves near a protest.