Those wondering how best to remember deceased loved ones have a new, if perhaps creepy, option.

Using 3D imaging facial recognition software, Cremation Solutions creates hyper-realistic busts, which double as urns to preserve ashes.

"You will never again have to worry that you might forget what your loved one looked like when you invest in one of these custom-made very lifelike cremation urns," the company says on its website.

The urns, argues Cremation Solutions, are a great way to "have scars and blemishes erased for eternity" or "change your hair colour".

In order to have one of the urns made, those interested are asked to post two photographs, one a profile, which will then be scanned and a 3D replica of the person's head made from hard resin with a sealed chamber inside.

Short hair can be sculpted into the bust, or custom made wigs can be made for longer hair.

Full sized figures can also be made, dressed as the deceased's favourite superhero or in the uniform of their profession.

Slightly more disturbing choices of outfit include "schoolgirl", "bad girl", and "nice nurse" outfits for women.

The deceased can also be remembered through a bust of their hero, with the company saying it will happily create urns of a the bust of "a favorite celebrity or hero, even President Obama!"

For those wishing to immortalise their four legged friends, Cremation Solutions regretfully announces, "We are sorry, but we cannot make personal urns for pets."

Perhaps unconvincingly, the company says that the presence of the bust in the home could avoid awkward questions.

"People who are unfamiliar with the urn might mistake it for a vase or some other container and try to open it. With these urns, you can avoid those questions. Perfectly matching the image of your loved one, people will just assume that you had a bust made to remember them."

The figures cost between $100 (£63) and $200 (£127).

A full-sized 11in statue costs $2,600 (£1,653), though smaller version is available at $600 (£382), but can only hold a portion of the deceased's ashes.