US Republican candidate John Kasich said he thinks Donald Trump will get "crushed" by Democrat front-runner Hilary Clinton in the general election. The Ohio Governor was speaking during a Republican dinner in California on 29 April.

The distant third place candidate said, "What I'm really fundamentally interested in is making sure that Hillary Clinton is not president. And Donald Trump, if he goes to the convention first of all, if he were to be picked, he will get crushed in the fall".

He added, "The fact is I'm the only one that beats Hillary Clinton consistently in, 15, 16 of the last polls. Also in the simulated electoral college I win there and these guys lose".

Kasich also maintained that despite the domination of the race by Trump and Ted Cruz, he doesn't think the nomination contest was over. Trump has gained 987 delegates so far in the race, with Cruz on 562, and Kasich way behind on 153.

"I understand it's a steep climb. You know I don't fall off a turnip truck on my way to California. I know it's tough. So what? I've been in tough fights before. And I'm just going to keep on moving forward, because I think it's critical this country has a choice," he added.

The Republican candidates need to reach 1,237 delegates to secure the nomination. If this does not happen, however, Republicans at their national conference will vote. It is widely expected, if this situation does occur, that the party would turn to Cruz or Kasich rather than the divisive Trump.