The US general elections have come and gone, and the NBA has done its part by turning NBA home arenas into polling stations to increase voting accessibility for the urban poor. Atlanta Hawks player Trae Young did his part by treating volunteer election workers to lunch.

As part of the agreement between players and the NBA last August and September, NBA arenas will, starting this year, be converted to polling booths during elections. It was an idea presented by former President Barack Obama to the players union as a solution to advance social justice among the urban poor, especially those living in black communities. The NBA teams will shoulder the cost of the conversion.

22-year-old Trae Young is one of the youngest players on the Hawks roster, but he is already seen as the squad captain since last year. He ranked fourth in points per game above MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo, second in the league in assists per game behind league leader LeBron James. Unfortunately, he is also a league leader in turnovers, significantly affecting his efficiency rating, a flaw that the Hawks are confident will change as he matures as a player.

According to Sports Illustrated, Young bought the poll workers' lunch from Jason's Deli. A Texas-based restaurant specialising in sandwiches. Young also personally thanked the volunteer poll workers for their "work" in the State Farm Arena, home of the Atlanta Hawks. He added that volunteer poll workers are "a valuable player in our democracy."

Georgia State, where Atlanta is located, is one of the major swing states in the general elections. Swing states decide which party takes over the Office of the President and Vice-President.

Young is active in many voting rights advocacy groups. He co-founded "More Than A Vote" with LeBron James and a few others to help recruit volunteer poll workers to fill NBA arenas.

Many other players are going to social media to encourage people to vote. They believe that letting everyone have a say in selecting the nation's leaders can achieve social justice. It is an idea put forward by former President Barack Obama as a permanent solution that the NBA, as a whole, can do to support social justice advocacy.

Trae Young
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