usain bolt
Usain Bolt posing at the premier of the film 'I am Bolt' in London getty

Usain Bolt has revealed that although he won't be walking down the aisle any time soon, he is ready to start a family with his long-time girlfriend Kast Bennett. Speaking to the Sun at the London premiere of his new documentary film, I Am Bolt, he said: "After my retirement we will move on to that step."

Although the 30-year-old Jamaican athlete remained coy about when fans could expect the pitter-patter of tiny feet, he said things were moving along nicely with his other half. "It is getting there, I am getting to know her better and we are working together very well."

The news will be welcomed by fans who were recently left disappointed after it emerged that the couple's "proposal" picture was the work of a photoshop wiz. The image taken from his Snapchat story, had showed the couple relaxing on a boast with floral garlands around their necks and featured the caption "She said yes," adding a bride and heart emoji.

He cleared up the confusion during an appearance on ITV's Lorraine on Tuesday (29 November) saying: "I'm not engaged. Me and my girlfriend went on a trip to Bora Bora. Somebody edited picture on my Snapchat and said "she said yes" with a ring. It was well done though."

During their candid chat, Bolt admitted that his mother Jennifer is keen for him to settle down with Bennett and give her grandchildren, telling : "My mum is pressuring me!"

Bolt and Bennett appear to have got their relationship back on track after his transatlantic partying marathon made headlines back in August. Over the course of a week he was snapped enjoying the company of several women − including 20-year-old Rio student named Jady Duarte, who he was snapped kissing.

He shrugged off the controversy in a interview with GQ magazine , saying that his dating was different in Jamaican culture. "The British press is always trying to make me out to be this bad guy who loves women and how all I do is women and stuff. I was telling this English press guy, you can't judge a different culture by your own culture. In England when you get famous the first thing you do is get married and have kids. In Jamaica it's different, like my parents had me and they got married 11 years later", he told the publication.

"In Jamaica we wine on each other. It's our culture. People see it the first time, they're like, 'What is going on?' It's like they are having sex in the club! No, that's just the culture. It's how we are."