Tottenham Hotspur coach Jose Mourinho stated that Video Assistant Referee (VAR) is destroying the English Premier League, which he believes is the best league in the world. The Spurs will appeal against Son Heung-min's red card, which was shown to the South Korean star during the club's defeat against Chelsea last Sunday.

Son was sent off for kicking Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger during Spurs' 2-0 loss to Frank Lampard's team.

The red card in the 62nd-minute came about due to a VAR intervention, which referee Anthony Taylor felt wasn't an offence before he was overruled by VAR Paul Tierney. Son Heung-min's unavailability for the next three matches because of the red card would be a big loss for Tottenham Hotspur, feels manager Mourinho.

In a press conference, the Portuguese said, "The situation with Son, I think Tierney got it wrong. It's the wrong call. This is England, the Premier League, the best competition in the world, with characteristics that if we change them we are killing the best league in the world. Taylor had the feeling, he was there, he saw it clearly so I think it's the wrong call. Then it's with things like this that people don't like the VAR, because with penalties like that everybody likes VAR. When it's a clear and obvious mistake everyone says 'welcome VAR'...It's clear, clear. So for me, that's the VAR that I like and yesterday on the Son red card, the VAR that I hate."

Jose Mourinho
Jose Mourinho Getty Images

Rudiger was allegedly a victim of racial abuse after Son was shown the red card and he wants punishment for the guilty fans. Mourinho believes that the society should be supported for the eradication of racism, however, he was adamant that the entire Spurs fan base shouldn't be condemned because of a few notorious fans. The Spurs' boss also accused the Chelsea defender of overreacting to incite the red card.

After the loss at the hands of Chelsea, Tottenham is now 6 points behind the Blues. After playing 18 games, Spurs have 26 points in their collection with 7 wins, 6 losses, and 5 draws. In contrast, Chelsea has comfortably entered the top four with 32 points to their name, in the same number of matches. The Blues have won 10, lost 6, and drawn one game.