Hoverboards have been branded as dangerous ever since they rolled onto the scene, but now a hair-raising video has emerged of an owner of a hoverboard taking things to new extremes by riding it dangerously close to the edge on top of a skyscraper.

The video shows a man step aboard his two-wheeled device, placed mere inches from the side of the building, then travel back and forth along the edge, performing turns and heart-stopping manoeuvres that see him roll towards the precipice and its plunge beyond. At one point, during a 360-degree spin, one of the wheels appears to almost go over the edge of the building.

What makes the clip even more palm-sweating is that the rider is holding a selfie stick aloft the whole time, which could have impaired his balance. A wrong move in this insanely dangerous stunt could have been fatal.

The stunt, which was uploaded to YouTube, reportedly took place in Hong Kong. It is not revealed how high up the rider is. From the knee-buckling clip, it appears the high-rise building could be up to 20-storeys or more.

This is not the only hoverboard rider brave (or stupid) enough to perform such death defying stunts. In one uploaded YouTube video an individual called Oleg Cricket is seen riding and performing tricks, including handstands, on his hoverboard while on the edge of skyscraper in Dubai. Although this latest clip appears to go closer to the edge, and the rider is holding his own camera.

The vehicles, also known as swegways, became a major craze in 2015 but have been clouded in controversy with authorities banning them from public highways and owners reporting numerous cases of them exploding and burning down houses.