The Ireland national football team showed off some mean skills on the pitch this weekend (3-1 against Uruguay), but right now, they are not the only stars from the emerald isle with great foot action. An unlikely duo – a nun and a police officer have gained internet fame after they were caught on camera playing with a football.

The video, which was uploaded to Facebook and has already earned over a million likes, shows the two in the middle of a game of 'keepy-uppy' in which the players attempt to keep passing the ball between each other using their feet. The ball is not allowed to touch the ground during the game.

The clip shows the sister in her black and white habit, and sports shoes, moving around the foot-path on a street of Limerick as she passes the football to the uniformed police officer.

"Well what can we say, this definitely isn't something you see every day - Garda O'Connell of Henry St Community Policing Unit playing keepy uppy with the Dominican Sisters at the Our Lady of Limerick," the Garda Síochána (Irish police force) said alongside the clip which was uploaded on their official Facebook account on 1 June.

"We're not sure who won this time, a rematch will have to be scheduled."