Nasa will for the first time will air a 360-degree live coverage of an Orbital Cygnus spacecraft's resupply mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Until now space enthusiasts could only see rockets lift off from a distance in real time, but the 360 viewing experience will take you virtually to the launch pad itself.

Nasa has teamed up with Orbital ATK, United Launch Alliance (ULA), Lockheed Martin and Boeing's Space technology company for the resupply mission.

How and when to watch?

The launch will be broadcast a live in a 360-degree video format on the agency's website and on its YouTube channel on 18 April 11:11 am EDT (4:11 pm BST/CET). The launch has a 30-minute window so make sure to tune in just on time to not miss any part of it.

The video can be viewed on PC's, mobile, tablets and even your VR headsets for that ultimate virtual experience. Those on desktops must use Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Opera browsers to view the launch. Viewers wanting to see the video on their mobiles and tablets should get the YouTube app which supports the 360-degree video format.

To achieve the 360-degree view Orbital ATK and ULA have placed four fisheye-lens cameras on the launch pad, around 300 feet from the rocket. A computer protected by a blast-proof box nearby will stitch the images from these cameras in near-real time.

Meteorologists have predicted very promising conditions for the launch and expect it to go off as scheduled on time.