Lightning strike
New video shows lightning flashes in slow motion MAHMUD TURKIA/AFP/Getty Images

An Arizona man has captured lightning in slow motion, giving us a detailed look at the amazing phenomenon.

After chasing thunderstorms for over 30 days and driving some 20,000 miles across the country, Dustin Farrell was able to capture some breathtaking shots of lightning flashes across the night sky and compile all of them into one.

The resulting three-minute footage, dubbed "Transient", was recently shared on Vimeo by the producer.

The captivating clip shows lightning streaking in zigzag patterns over different locations. Farrell took the shots by tracking weather systems regularly and using his Phantom Flex 4K camera just at the right place and time.

Flex 4K captures 1,000 frames per second and made the job a lot easier. However, spending days and chasing storms wasn't as easy as it appears, according to Farrel.

"My respect and admiration for storm chasers became even stronger this year," Farrel says. "This is one of the most difficult projects I have ever attempted in my career. On several occasions I found myself uncomfortable either mentally or physically."