As the general election draws ever closer, the parties are doing all they can to attract last minute undecided voters, and one Conservative candidate has become an online sensation thanks to his campaign video jingle.

The incumbent MP for East Yorkshire, Greg Knight has gone viral online after his low-quality, 80s style campaign video was released.

The short film that lasts less than a minute sees Mr Knight walk into shot and ask voters to back him and Theresa May, along with a collection of the usual Tory catchphrases such as "strong and stable" and "coalition of chaos."

But the moment which is really setting social media alight is the jingle which closes the clip.

The lyrics: "You'll get accountability, with Conservative delivery. Make sure this time you get it right, vote for Greg Knight."

At one stage, the video was at the top of the trending charts on YouTube, though what affect this has on his election hopes, nobody knows.

He spoke to Buzfeed about the video saying: "It's a bit of fun. Politics is a serious business.

"Some people hate it and some people like it. It's quite a catchy tune... like pop music. The point is it got noticed."

They also asked him about the comparisons made between himself and Alan Partridge, he said: "Well, they are the people that don't like the jingle. I don't know what the programme is about... I know there is a useless DJ."