On 8 June, Britons will head to the polls to cast their vote in one of the most divisive elections in decades.

Which party is best equipped to steer the country through Brexit turbulence?

Is Theresa May's vision of a "strong and stable" country more inspiring than Jeremy Corbyn's pledge to transform Britain into a country "for the many not the few?"

Should the UK take in less immigrants?

IBTimes UK played word association with voters to find out what is really on their minds when it comes to the general election.


"It's a disaster", said Glen.

Others were just as gloomy.

22-year-old Alex described it as "a disappointment." Scott said it was very "stressful."

Pensioner Edna said "only time will tell."


Jennifer replied: "Bring it on. Everyone should live everywhere."

23-year-old Jamie said: "They use immigration as an excuse. It's a political policy used to win votes."

But Mark who works as an operations manager for Transport for London thinks that it "needs controlling" and that there should be strict rules.

Edna agreed: "We're a small country - we can't just let everyone in."

Theresa May and the Conservative Party

Alex described her as the "resurrection of Margaret Thatcher".

Jennifer said: "I'm sure that behind closed doors she's actually a nice person, but I don't think she is going to make the country any better. I think she is going to divide people."

Others were less negative. "She seems like she's doing a good job. She's trying," Edna said.

Mark agreed: "She's saying the right things. I believe that she has the potential to be a good leader, but we have to wait and see." He said he always votes for the Conservatives as they are "the only credible party."

Alex doesn't like the Tories: "It's a self-centred party." Jennifer described them as "just horrible" and said she disagrees with everything that they stand for.

Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party

Corbyn was loved by some...

"I think he is amazing," said Jennifer. "I am 100% voting for somebody that has always been on the right side of history. He seems like a genuinely nice guy."

Alex likes him as he's "an average guy and all the other people just chat shit."

And hated by others...

"He's an incredibly poor leader who doesn't come across well. He's a bit of a joke to be honest," said Mark.

"He's deluded," said Glen.

The Labour Party policies are for "the average person" rather than "the elite", Jennifer said.

But Mark wants to know "where is all the money coming from?" for Labour's proposals for health and education.

Tim Farron and the Liberal Democrats

Voters had little to say about Lib Dem leader Tim Farron. Pensioner Edna shrugs and says: "Don't know who he is."

Tim Farron repeatedly avoids question on homosexual sex