Winds of up to 70mph, snow showers and dense fog are expected to blight the whole of Britain this weekend as the tumultuous winter weather continues.

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning after an Atlantic frontal system gathered pace and headed this way.

High-speed gusts and almost four centimetres of rainfall are expected to sweep across the nation on Sunday and plunging temperatures will add ice and, in some highlands, snow to the mix.

The deluge, which is expected to start at 6am, will strike first in the South West, hitting coastal towns that bore the brunt of the Christmas and New Year storms.

UK snow
Flurries of snow are expected to dust parts of Britain at the weekend Reuters

Southern parts of England and Wales are also on high alert after a flood and wind warning was also put in place for the region for Friday.

Bands of heavy rain and wind are also forecast to move eastwards across the South West of England, with more than three centimetres anticipated in Cornwall, Devon and Dorset.

Land in the region is yet to recover from the soaking it received during the last week of December and first week of January.