Heads up, the Met Office has gone all out for the weather forecast for 31 October, aka Halloween!

Whether it's weatherman Alex Deakin keeping his cool despite delivering the forecast headless or the eerie hues of purple and green populating the map he's referring to, the Met sure knows how to get spooky!

Upon a closer look, you can see city names have been given a twisted makeover. Spookoway and Aberdeeeeeeeen (yes, that's 8 'e's, the scariest number) will be drowning in "blood rain". Liverghoul escapes the purple fog, but for how long?

England and Wales are spared, with Londemon, Swanseeerie and Plymoooooooooth remaining dry.

Perhaps the Met office is trying to dethrone last year's queen of spooks Sian Welby, who referenced no less than 21 horror classics in her 67-second Channel 5 forecast on October 31 2016. The presenter listed cult movies like Halloween, The Shining and the Blair Witch Project, but didn't forget newer releases like the Walking Dead, The Mist and It Follows.

That same year, an Irish weather presenter on channel TG4 went viral after staging a "lighting bolt" prank that saw her disappear in mysterious circumstances.

We still have a full day to go if someone will risk their own heads challenging Alex Deakin's weather forecast and whether Welby will return with more puns

In the meaning time, you might want to keep away from that blood rain and carry an umbrella with you at all times! Or you can just watch Deakin's funny forecast below!