Chris Gayle
Gayle\'s unbeaten 100 inspired West Indies success. Getty

That's it. England are undone by some sublime batting from Chris Gayle. He loves this competition and it loves him. 100 not out represent a fine day's work for him in a sobering six wicket defeat for England, who earlier finished with a total of 182-6.
England take on South Africa on Friday where anything but a victory could see them eliminated.


West Indies beat England by six wickets


19th over

Russell meets Topley's delivery with a thick inside edge to fine leg; that will do it.


18th over – West Indies 182-4

West Indies edge their way to the finishing line with Russell adding three more runs in an over that belonged to Gayle,


18th over - Chris Gayle century

And Gayle has his ton! Off 47 balls, he rounds off a sublime day with the bat, once again delivering on the grandest stage. He falls to his knees to drink the moment in before rising to his feet to watch Russell hammer away another four. England are sinking here...


17th over – West Indies 172-4

Slow and steady from Gayle and Russell, they move to win 11 runs of the win. Gayle was within a whisker of sending another crashing through the sky but just missed it off stump.


16th over – West Indies 169-4

Stokes charges to the boundary to prevent Russell's effort bouncing out and keeps the score down. There is nothing he can do about Gayle's next effort, however, lashing a bouncer out to his left to close in on his century with another four. Will he have time to get it?

I wouldn't bet against it. Two more sixes push him within three more of that century, more astonishing batting from him.


15th over - West Indies 151-4

A paltry over after Gayle's heroics in the past, Russell manages to dig out a yorker for a single.


14th over - West Indies 146-4

Pure destruction with the bat from Gayle as he clubs three straight sixes out. This is tricking away from England, West Indies are now chasing 37 from 36 balls.


13th over - West Indies 124-4

After Bravo's dismissal, Gayle settles for a four, edging one just out of Buttler's outstretched arms. Russell comes in and drives a measured one out to the boundary.

Chris Gayle meanwhile has surpassed Brendon McCullum's haul of 91 T20 international sixes, by the way, he's on 93 and counting.


WICKET! Bravo (2) c Hales b Topley (West Indies 113-4)

Bravo, having in only just come in during the last over, slaps one into the air and it's comfortably claimed midwicket by Hales.


12th over - West Indies 113-3

Ramin may have gone, but Gayle isn't going anywhere at this rate, battering another one on leg stump clear for a six.


WICKET! Ramdin (12) c Rashid b Ali (West Indies 103-3)


11th over West Indies 103-2

Ben Stokes enters with the ball but his first delivery is poor, with Ramdin helping himself side down leg for a four. If England thought that was bad... Gayle is then back at the crease and smashes another beast right into the top row of the top tier of the stadium. Tremendous power from the 36-year-old! Anything else? On the very next ball he hooks another absolute monster over the fence. Superb over for him.


10th over – West Indies 85-2

Four dot balls in a frustrating over West Indies, Ramdin, in for the departed Samuels knocks a single down on middle stump.


Ninth over – West Indies 83-2

Huge, huge huge six for Gayle, the biggest of the tournament so far at 98 meters! He follows it up with another six on his very next ball, this on 86 meters. Not bad I suppose...


Eighth over – West Indies 67-2

Ali throws one short for Gayle who smashes it down leg for another 4.


Seventh over - West Indies 58-2

Adil Rashid comes in to try to his hand and it's had the desired effect with his spin catching out Samuels, who lifts one into the air for an easy catch for Willey.


WICKET! Samuels (37) b Adil Rashid c Willey (West Indies 57-2)


Sixth over - West Indies 55-1

Jordan tires to make amends after missing that ball in the last over but Samuels clubs his first delivery away for another four past the boundary. A couple more wide balls follow for Gayle and he is unable to add to his s side's haul until he ends the over with another thumping four past mid off.


Fifth over – West Indies 44-1

Excellent stuff from Samuels as he adds another 12 off three balls, although the last of those fours should perhaps have been kept in by Jordan who let the ball roll through under him and over the boundary.


Fourth over – West Indies 30-1

Jordan troubles Samuels with a couple of bouncers before the batsman finds his target, predicting the delivery perfectly and sending one wide for four. A couple of singles at midwicket follow.


Third over – West Indies 25-1

Samuels enters the fray and is half a centre meter away from an outside edge off Willey's first delivery. After three dot balls, Samuels finds his rhythm with a strong four at leg stump, following it up with another convincing drive through cover point.


Second over - West Indies 16-1

Topley is the first man with the ball to try and contend with Gayle, who launches a fine four off his third ball. A big six follows with a powerful stroke, but Topley limits him to a couple of no runs with the final two of the over.


First over – West Indies 6-1

West Indies survive two lbw shouts following Charles' departure but Samuels steadies the ship with a thumping hit down the line.