Facebook has announced the rollout of its AI assistant called M for its Messenger. The latest assistant based on AI machine learning technology competes with Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and the recently-launched Samsung Bixby.

Here's what you need to know about the latest Facebook product.

M offers a few quick shortcuts for some commonly used features -- sending money, stickers, planning events, sharing location, or hailing a ride. Which means you can now do all this without getting out of the messenger screen.

Like Google Assistant, it provides suggestions based on the content of messages you send and receive.

What is different in Facebook M?

It is an AI assistant, but unlike the popular ones like Siri, it does not have a voice command function. M is an inbuilt feature in Messenger and works like a digital assistant, suggesting relevant content to help users communicate better.

M can give helpful suggestions while you are chatting, somewhat similar to Google Allo's inbuilt Assistant feature, which also provides suggestions and reminders.

What can M do?

Facebook claims M is not any other ordinary messenger, and can help users perform utility tasks based on the conversation they have with friends and family. Take a look at what M can do:

  • Sending stickers: It automatically detects spaces in conversations where a sticker is needed and sends one on its own
  • Paying or requesting money: It gives users the option to send and receive money
  • Sharing your location: Just like the Google Assistant, if M spots location in a conversation, it suggests an option to share the location
  • Making plans: A calendar-like feature is incorporated to track your day
  • Conducting polls: Useful in large group conversations. M helps users can create polls to make decisions faster.
  • Hailing a ride: M has teamed up with ride-sharing companies such as Lyft and Uber to suggest a ride when required

Is M optional?

Like many features in Facebook, M too is optional. If you do not want M's assistance, you can simply mute it by going to M Settings.

Is it available for me?

As of now, Facebook M is available for Messenger users in the US on both Android and iOS platforms. The AI assistant will eventually be rolled out to other countries.