A video has been released showing the moment a valet driver in Miami, Florida accidentally set a $400,000 (£282,000) Lamborghini on fire after taking it out for a spin.

The footage, posted to YouTube by channel Reviews by Jason, shows the valet nervously move around the bright orange Aventador, Lamborghini's flagship model, as flames come out of the exhaust of the vehicle. Onlookers join the valet to help, with one person eventually putting out the blaze using a fire extinguisher.

A witness to the incident, which apparently took place on 29 December, posted on Instagram that the reason the ports car caught fire was because the valet over-revved the engine while driving along Lincoln Road in Miami Beach's South Beach neighbourhood.

Despite the flames being extinguished, the car was out of commission and had to be pushed down the street. According to a comment underneath the YouTube post, the valet driver, "got fired shortly after this video".