Footage courtesy of Apple official You Tube channel.

It's another Christmas Day for Apple addicts and tech geeks alike because tonight - at 6 o'clock UK time - the multi-million dollar technology firm is holding a media event in San Francisco, where we're sure we're going to get details on the hotly-anticipated iPhone5. Excited? We are!!

One of the many big changes between the iphone 4S here and the new model is going to be with the phone screen: jumping up from 3.5 inches to 4, all with enhanced screen resolution of course, so all your pics and graphics look even more bold.

Everything Everywhere launched 4G yesterday – the UK's first superfast mobile broadband network which means you can download, stream and surf faster. So the iPhone 5 is more than likely going to be supporting 4G straight away too. Apple also looks all set to power the new model with a bigger and better processor

And what about the smaller version of the smash hit iPad – the iPad mini - that we've all been hearing about? It might not join the party tonight because news on that could get lost in the iPhone cascade so if they know what's good for them they'll hang on a few more weeks to reveal their new baby. We'll just have to wait and see!

And remember, you can get the very latest on the Apple event from our Tech Editor who'll be live blogging the whole event from 6pm London time on our website