WhatsApp has launched a new native app on Windows. Notably, this native app works standalone. So, you do not need to connect your smartphone to the instant messaging app to send, receive, or even sync messages. The official WhatsApp website confirms that the Windows app is no longer in beta version.

The site also reveals that you can download the Windows app from the Microsoft Store. To recall, Windows users had to access WhatsApp using a web browser. Alternatively, they could download the messaging service's web-based desktop app. However, the new app is native to Windows. As a result, the WhatsApp app will be faster and more responsive.

The new WhatsApp sports a simpler and cleaner UI (user interface) than the previous version of the app. Aside from this, the redesigned WhatsApp looks nearly the same as its precursor. However, you do not have to ensure your phone is online in a bid to sync messages between the desktop app and your phone.

This is the most notable upgrade on the new WhatsApp. In the meantime, WhatsApp revealed that a native app for macOS is on the cards as well.

The multi-device feature of WhatsApp is out of beta and up for grabs. Notably, the feature enables users to link up to four devices to their WhatsApp account even without using a phone. Also, end-to-end encryption will be maintained. The beta version of WhatsApp for Android made an appearance online in April in the form of a screenshot. The screenshot indicated that multi-device support could soon roll out for tablets.

In the meantime, users can effortlessly link their desktops to their WhatsApp accounts. However, WhatsApp has neither confirmed nor denied that it will add support for tablets in the coming days. When you use a linked device, you will face a few restrictions in terms of usability. For instance, iPhone users do not have access to clearing and deleting chats. Likewise, WhatsApp doesn't allow users to send a message with a link preview.

Also, you can't send messages or call another user who uses a "very old version" of WhatsApp. These users can't view live locations as well.

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