WhatsApp is gearing up to roll out a slew of privacy features, new reports claimed.

The Meta Platforms-owned messaging app has received many amazing features lately. As per Phone Arena, WhatsApp is slated to get some equally exciting features in the coming days.

Users of the popular app will soon get an option to leave group chats without other members getting notified about their exit. They will be able to decide who can see their online status.

Likewise, an upcoming privacy update could bring a slew of useful privacy features to the application. Other notable features include phone number sharing and login approval among WhatsApp group members.

Meta Platforms is currently working on an all-new login approval system for WhatsApp. This has recently been confirmed by WhatsApp beta version

The impending feature will enhance the overall safety of the users' accounts. In other words, a third party will not be able to access your WhatsApp account without you first approving the login request. Users will also be able to reject requests to log in to their accounts if an unauthorized user attempts to access their account by providing the wrong 6-digit code.

These privacy features protect users' accounts from unauthorized login attempts. The WhatsApp beta v2.22.17.23 also teased another notable feature that allows users to share phone numbers.

This feature enables users to ensure specific WhatsApp groups do not see their phone numbers. However, this option is turned off by default.

While these privacy features seem pretty useful, Meta Platforms is currently testing a slew of more features before rolling them out for its instant messaging service. One of the features will let you react to or respond to WhatsApp's version of stories.

Aside from this, users can respond to the status using emojis. Notably, WhatsApp will receive eight pre-determined emojis, including Clapping Hands, Folded Hands, Crying Face, Face with Open Mouth, Face with Tears of Joy, Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes, Hundred Points, and Party Popper.

WhatsApp to roll out new privacy features
WhatsApp will get brand new privacy features that will improve user security and deliver an overall superior user experience. Pixabay