Pre-orders for the Wii U have been halted at US retailer GameStop after it faced "overwhelming demand" for the new console.

GameStop has now sold out of Wii U consoles Reuters

Existing pre-orders are now being placed on a waiting list for the Wii U, which is due to be released in the US on 18 November.

UK retailers still have the Wii U in stock, and are still taking pre-orders. Currently both Argos and GAME are advertising the console as 'in stock'.

Speaking to CNBC, via The Examiner, industry analyst Colin Sebastian said that the GameStop sell-out was part of Nintendo's marketing strategy:

"Nintendo tends to manage the distribution channel to generate some sort of perception that its [system] is in demand...I think seeing these sell-outs on some of the websites are not a negative indication. It's either neutral or slightly positive, but it's not conclusive.

"What's most important for Nintendo is what happens at launch" continued Sebastian. "You want a combination of as many units as possible, that are also perceived to be in short supply, but you don't want to under supply the market so people go out and by something else."

Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities also speculated on the Wii U's pre-launch build-up, estimating that 300,000 to 400,000 consoles had been made available to pre-order by Nintendo:

"We know no one has leaked any pictures of the Wii U supply line. Those always leak. Someone always sneaks a camera into the facility. The fact that we haven't seen pictures means manufacturing hasn't started as of this week. So, if they're starting manufacturing in late September, the most they can commit to is 1.5 million units per month."

US retailers Sears, Best Buy, Toys R Us and GameStop have now completely sold out of Wii U consoles; Wal-Mart is still taking pre-orders.