WikiLeaks has partnered with the Hacktivist collective Anonymous and published internal e-mails from Stratfor, an American strategic intelligence company.

In one of the hacked emails, a Stratfor official discussed the impact of the Arab Spring on the Middle's East balance of power with 'an Israeli Defence Forces's agent.

"When I used the term "Arab Spring" early on in our conversation, I was reprimanded. "Don't call it the Arab Spring. We call it 'The Upheaval' where I work." When I tried to explain that we typically scoff at calling it the Arab Spring as well, I was cut off, so that I could hear another lecture about how horrible Arabs were", the email reads.

The released document confirms that despite diplomats downplaying a rift between Israel and the US, Israel blames the Iranian threat on Barak Obama's foreign policy.

"Source openly said that none of this shit would be happening right now had Obama not abandoned Mubarak like he did. When I later criticized Bush for shattering the balance of power in the PG [Persian Gulf], source shot back, "Well what about Obama?" I said that Obama had maintained the same FP [foreign policy] as Bush, a claim with which the source agreed. And yet the source loves Bush's policies and hates Obama's. Israelis are not a fan of Barack."

Other information released suggests the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is another source of worry for Israel and that the terrorist network al Qaida is in control of the south of Yemen.
"AQAP is in control of south f**king Yemen, for God's sake." Source says they jokingly refer to AQAP as "AQHP" after the HP printer bombs that got seized on those DHL flights a few
years back", the e-mail says.

"The IDI [Israeli Democracy Institute] is operating on the assumption that Yemen will be completely out of water in eight years. Fear about Yemen running out of water is mass migrations into KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), which Iran could exploit", the e-mails further reads.