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Russian power is worrying Central European states, the Stratfor source alleges Reuters

New Stratfor e-mails leaked by WikiLeaks in collaboration with Anonymous have revealed growing antagonism between Russia and Central European states.

A Stratfor source said Central European states were desperate for strong US backing to consolidate their efforts to reduce Russia's regional influence.

The emails, sent in February 2011, point out that Central European countries expect Nato to refocus on containing the 'Russian threat".

"The CEs (Central European Countries) need Nato. Plain and simple. They need a functional Nato. And they need Nato to return to its primary focus-containment of the large threat (Russia), and protection of the Nato land (them)," says one email.

"Containment has to be the primary focus for Nato. No matter who you are, if you're in Nato, you need to understand this."

"CzR [Czech Republic] doesn't see Nato doing this with tanks, like before. It will do this with missile defence and military projects (F16s). Planting Nato's flag on CE soil. So that Russia cannot do that instead", the e-mail reads.

The source says the Czech Republic is extremely wary of a US-Russia rapprochement.

"As far as the current talks between the US and Russia on bmd (ballistic missile defence), most of the CEs want to sabotage them. No one wants Russia in on bmd.

"Moreover, no one wants the US and Russia to be friendly. The US needs to quit with this reset nonsense and move forward with a firm military strategy in CE. The CEs want to move against Russia, but can't do it alone".

The Stratfor source says that following the failed US-Czech ballistic missile defence talks, Central European countries had come up with a new security plan.

"So if CzR can't get in the bmd system, there is another deal we will push for, as we are determined to get US military on our soil", the source reveals.

"CzR wants a batch of F-16s like Poland. It needs supersonic. CzR is begging the US right now for F-16s. The US said it would sell them, but at an exorbitant price. They are far too expensive for CzR who has had to slash some of their defence budget because of the financial crisis.

"So the plan that CzR is now presenting is for 5 or 6 Central European countries to go in together and do a mass order of the F-16s in exchange for a discount by the US. It would be Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and maybe more for Poland - for 85 or so F-16s. It would be interesting because then all of them could train together in one country and then set up a repair factory in another country. The countries would be tied together - and tied to the US. The US would need to have military on the ground to train the CEs. This is the best sort of security alliance between US and CEs."

The source warns that the Czech request will be its last.

"[If this plan fails the Czech Republic] is done with any non-Eurasian commitments to Nato. Period. If CzR can get bmd or the F16s, then it will pretty much agree to any sort of military commitment the US wants anywhere in the world. That is the ultimatum".

Not all Central European countries agree on the Czech plan, the source concludes.

"CzR is worried about Ukraine," it says. "[Ukraine] is so pro-Russian there is a concern that it will militarise under the Moscow umbrella. Everyone in CE is concerned about this militarisation".

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