William Hague
The proposals include giving English MPs a veto over certain legislation Reuters

The UK government will unveil plans to introduce "English votes for English laws" to MPs.

Commons Leader William Hague will make the move after the main political parties failed to reach an agreement following the Scottish Independence Referendum.

Hague is expected to propose, among other things, banning Scottish MPs from any role in English and Welsh bills and giving English MPs a veto over certain legislation.

The plan would also see the creation of a committee of English MPs able to consider early stages of legislation but not to have the final say.

Prime Minister David Cameron promised to bring in changes after the September vote, but Labour, which has 41 MPs in Scotland, has opposed his plans.

"We will not be participating in a Westminster stitch-up. We think we need a constitutional convention so we can hear from all voices in England," a spokesperson for Labour said earlier in the year.

Likewise, the former First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond has criticised the command paper, calling the proposals "weak".

Chancellor George Osborne has pushed for more devolution inside of England, including a "Northern Powerhouse" plan he outlined in his Autumn Statement.