The new jailbreak tool for Windows Phone 7 is designed to enable the unlocking feature to access Windows Phone 7 apps that are not accessible at the marketplace or require a full account.

Currently under development, the tool's functionality is limited to first and second generation Samsung smartphones.

A successful hack attempt by developer @jaxbot on Samsung's Windows Phone 7 smartphones is making waves in the hacker community. Meanwhile, talk about further exploits with the jailbreak tool is still under way.

WindowBreak is expected to function similar to the Chevron WP7 tool, except that you don't have to pay $9 for the former version.

Presently, there is no dedicated app store for jailbroken Windows Phone 7 devices. Hence you would need to side-load the apps by connecting your phone to a PC.

Watch the live demonstration from @jaxbot on using WindowBreak tool for jailbreaking in the video below:

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