The Windows 10 Creators Update will incorporate improvements to the update deployment experience, meaning users will have more control over the update process than ever.

Microsoft is making improvements to the update experience in the Creators Update. A few of these changes includes less impact on the device's performance while the system is downloading updates and fewer reboots.

In a post on the official Windows Blog on 1 March, the company said the Windows 10 Creators Update will offer several new options for scheduling the timing to install updates. This means you can give the exact time you want the update to occur, or you may hit the "snooze" button, which lets you pause the update process for three days. Another option is the "Active Hours" time so that Windows will not install the update when you want to use the device.

To be more specific, you will get three options to install an update according to your schedule. They are Restart now, that is if you are ready for the update; the second option is Pick a time which you can choose if you are not ready for the update, and the last one is snooze.

But that does not mean you would do away with the updates. Microsoft advises users to keep their devices up to date and go with the installation defaults Windows 10 offers to experience the latest features, apps and security updates.

In addition to that, there is a new feature dubbed "at a glance", which makes it easier for users to verify if their device is running the latest updates. Those on the Windows Insider Program are already enjoying the new changes.

The new update experience is in addition to the privacy setting that would be part of the Creators Update, expected to be released in April this year. The new privacy-centric feature will make it easier for users to choose the privacy and diagnostic data collection settings.