Cortana, the Windows 10 personal assistant, can be used for diverse applications such as managing your calendar events, tracking app packages, finding user files, chatting with a buddy, sharing jokes or even getting the most accurate listing of ambient temperature and weather conditions in your current or specified location.

Here are a few simple ways of activating Cortana to check weather conditions anywhere:

  • With 'Hey Cortana' enabled on your computer, just say "Hey Cortana, what's the weather in Boston?" into the mouthpiece or microphone
  • Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut: Windows key + C, to activate Cortana's listening mode. Then speak into the microphone, "What's the weather in Seattle?"
  • If you are expecting a texted response from Cortana instead of the vocal version, just type out "Weather San Francisco" in the search field. Alternatively press the keys: Windows key + S to launch Search.
Windows 10 Cortana Weather status
Windows Central
  • Although you can see the current weather status without hitting the Enter key, you will be able to see a five-day forecast, if you tap the Enter key after typing out the search term in Cortana.
Windows 10 Microsoft Edge
Windows Central
  • While using Microsoft Edge, just type in "Weather New York" into the address bar and Cortana will display the weather information underneath the search field without even loading a web page.

If you are still not satisfied with the weather report or the details displayed by Cortana, you can always try using the built-in weather app in Windows 10 or download some top rated weather apps for Windows 10 such as Amazing Weather HD and Appy Weather.

[Source: Windows Central]