In a tragic incident reported from Germany, a 57-year-old woman died after falling from a moving rollercoaster at a leisure park. The woman died on the spot despite efforts by first responders to revive her.

The incident took place at the Klotti Wildlife and Leisure Park in Klotten, Rhineland-Palatinate on Saturday. The unidentified deceased woman had come from St. Wendel, Saarland to visit the park.

According to Koblenz public prosecutor's office, it is still unclear how the woman fell off the rollercoaster. The officials added that the woman slipped from her seat in a curve before falling 26ft to her death.

An investigation into the case has been launched, and an autopsy is to be carried out. Engineers have been asked to examine the rollercoaster and the car to find out what may have caused the accident. The prosecutor's office said that there has been no suspicion of criminal conduct so far, per a DW report.

The park has reopened for visitors after being closed for two days. "We are still very affected and it is difficult for us to return to everyday life. Our thoughts are with the relatives, we wish them much strength in these difficult times," the park said.

"Our KLOTTI team is still shocked and stunned. Since the cause of the accident is still unclear, we cannot yet estimate what operations will be like in the next few days," they added.

The rollercoaster would remain "temporarily" closed until another technical inspection is carried out. Meanwhile, the police have urged witnesses to come forward and help authorities with the probe.

Theme parks in Germany have reported accidents in the past, but very few have been fatal. In an incident reported in 2019, a man died after being hit by a roller coaster carriage at a Christmas market in Berlin.

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