The fattest man in the world, Andres Moreno, died of a heart attack in Mexico City, two months after he underwent a successful weight loss surgery. The 38-year-old weighed 980lb (445kg) prior to going under the knife.

On 25 December, Moreno was rushed to San Jose Hospital in Ciudad Obregón in Sonora state after he complained of having difficulty while breathing. On his way to the hospital, Moreno suffered a massive heart attack. Paramedics tried to revive him but were unsuccessful.

On Christmas Eve, Moreno was unwell, hence his family members called in doctors to help stabilise him, state news agency Notimex reported. "He [Andres Moreno] died at 8:30am in the ambulance, of a heart attack while being transferred from home to hospital San Jose," his publicist Carmen Palacios told Univision News over the phone. "We are dismayed by the news," he added.

Moreno had undergone a bariatric surgery on 28 October in Guadalajara in Jalisco state. The surgery involved removing three-fourths of his stomach and reshaping what was left into a tube to prevent him from excessive eating.

Recently, Portugal footballer Cristiano Ronaldo had sent Moreno a signed Real Madrid jersey to motivate him to lose weight. When Moreno received the jersey he had lost a staggering 266lb.

"I want to thank everyone, especially Ronaldo, for taking interest in my case," Moreno had then said. "Sometimes you think that people live in another world away from the people, but that is not the case. I feel as if I had gotten a Christmas gift before Christmas."

Moreno had claimed the title of being the world's fattest man after fellow countrymen Manuel Uribe. Moreno weighed 700lb at the time of his death.