Train Bus Crash Sinaloa Mexico
A train crashed into a bus killing four people in Mexico YouTube/Lineadirectaportal

The dramatic moment a train crashed into a bus killing four passengers in Mexico has been captured on camera. Security footage of the fatal collision shows the bus approaching a level crossing in a green area near the coastal town of Mazatlán in the western Sinaloa state, preceded by a car.

The first vehicle crosses the tracks without any problem but as soon as the bus' front protrudes onto the railtrack a train emerges from the left side of the screen and smashes into the coach at high speed sending debris shooting into the air.

Four people were killed and 22 injured, according to local media. The bus had been hired by a local tile factory and had been taking employees home after work when the crash happened.

From the video it appears the crossing had no barrier and a warning light on the opposite side was not working. Nevertheless authorities blamed the bus driver for the incident, arguing he failed to stop and check no train was approaching before venturing onto the tracks.

News outlet Linea Directa, which obtained the video, quoted Prosecutor Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez as describing the driver as "negligent". "One of the assumptions is that he was probably excessively confident because of the car leading the way," he said.