It's said that "a dog is man's best friend," but what's a good dog to do, when its owner is away during the day, and it's feeling a bit sad and lonely? Well one enterprising company in the US has created Dog TV, the first 24 hour cable television network for dogs.

It has been created and designed specifically to entertain the estimated 8 million home alone dogs in the US.

This little fella is certainly captivated by today's programme. He takes a closer look at that dog getting those treats, no doubt thinking where's mine then? And just like his human house mate he has 40 winks on the sofa. Before something catches his eye, umm could be those treats again, better take a closer look.

Dogs are red-green colour blind so here the colours have been adjusted on screen. Dogs also like melodic sounds and watching other dogs
Dog TV even shows how the other half lives-, straight into the pool, quick dip before lunch and then it's back into the sun for a lie down.

Dr Nicholas Dodman an animal behaviour expert from Tufts University explained what Dog TV is about.

"In that vacuum, devoid of human company, they have pretty much nothing to do. So owners sort of took to leaving on radio or TV, that's just what they decided to do. So 60 or 70 percent of people already leave on some kind of media for their dog when they leave. It just so happened it wasn't specifically programmed for the dog and Dog TV is."