Tokyo has a new landmark, called quaintly The Skytree which opened to the general public today after four years of construction and costing a whopping 65 billion yen or $818 million US Dollars to complete.

The tower built by Japan's Tobu Railway Co., stands 2,080 feet tall, has two claims to fame, it is the world's tallest broadcast tower and second tallest building after the Burj Khalifa in Dubai which stands at 2720 feet.

A Taiko drum was beaten at the opening ceremony. While a large crowd of on lookers had gathered in the rain to watch the proceedings. The President of Tobu Railway co Yoshizumi Nezu made a speech and then cut the ribbon. Speaking in Japanese he said, "I'm pleased that we could complete the construction of this tower without having any accidents, or affected by any disaster, even though there was the Great East Japan Earthquake."

Crowds of people piled up to the top floor of the building for a look at the fantastic views over Tokyo.

One lady though was disappointed by the lack of visibility. Speaking in Japanese she said, "I feel good up here but it would be better if it's little bit clearer."

It is expected that The Tokyo Sky tree will become Tokyo's newest tourist attraction with an estimated 32 million people turning up. Even surpassing the number of visitors who are currently going to the Tokyo Disney Resort.

Still, if you have a fear of heights, then the Disney resort might seem a less scary prospect!

Written and Presented by Ann Salter