As Twitter posts another set of financial results falling way short of both analyst and investor expectations, the question remains as to whether the company can survive without asking its users to pay.

We at IBTimes UK then asked ourselves what features we would pay for if we had to, and how much we would be willing to hand over to Twitter each year. As journalists we get plenty of use from Twitter – it is a hugely valuable platform for finding and sharing news – but we'd like to know what you think.

Would you pay for Twitter as it is? Would you at least want adverts and 'promoted tweets' removed? Would you want new features, like a verified account, or better filters to stop spamming, abuse and trolling? Or would you leave Twitter and close your account, rather than cough up?

We've created a short poll, embedded below, asking if you would pay, how much, and what new feature would convince you to part with your cash. With 300 million active users, even just a few pounds every year would bring in a significant chunk of cash.

Twitter charging for its services wouldn't be an entirely unprecedented move for a Silicon Valley company. WhatsApp used to charge £0.69 a year for its messaging app, although a free year was handed out every time you switched your SIM card to a new phone, so it wasn't exactly an enforced system. And let's not forget the numerous times Facebook has been littered with hoaxes about Mark Zuckerberg planning to charge for its use, all of which turned to nothing.

Anyway. It's over to you, dear reader. Would you pay for Twitter? How much? And what would you like in return?