Evicted "X Factor" singer Janet Devlin has slammed the show's bosses for trying to turn her into a karaoke singer.

She charges that the producers are not much interested in the talent of the singers, but they want puppets to bring them ratings.

Janet Devlin, 17, from Omagh, Northern Ireland, was voted out on Sunday. The teenager said she is happy about her exit, according to the Daily Star.

"I could have been a puppet and lasted longer but I wanted to be myself. 'The X Factor' got me down. Singing someone else's songs every week made me feel like a karaoke artist. I wish we were given more opportunity to be musicians and express our artistry," she said.

According to the newspaper, Devlin was dogged down by rumours that she threw strops over her song selection and was left out in the cold by mentor Kelly Rowland.

However, she admitted that she fought with producers who knocked back her song ideas because they weren't family friendly.

"It's a TV show, and you can't sing songs that are going to bore people or that they don't know, even if you love them yourself. I sing music I like, which is not very X Factor. X Factor is someone who is pop and can top the charts. The music I like is underground. If people like that kind of music then they are going to respect me," she said.

There is speculation that Devlin was supposed to sing a Nirvana track, but she denied it and said she loves the band very much.

"I would never sing a Nirvana song on this show," she said. "I wouldn't have wanted Kurt Cobain to be turning in his grave. I respect him so much, so I wouldn't do that. I wasn't being difficult or stroppy," she said. "I sat with the stylist and instead of being a brat I gave them ideas and that's when my style came out. After week three it started coming out a bit more. It wasn't a bad thing, it was just the way it was. I stood up for myself."

Devlin also felt that she had been sidelined by Kelly in favour of Misha B, but did admit that her mentor connected more with her 19-year-old rival.

"People have confused that with favouritism. I and Kelly had a different sort of connection. We connected on a personal level and that was totally fine," she added.

Devlin said she is composing her own music now and is looking forward to show tour in the spring.