Bruce Forsyth
Bruce Forsyth Reuters

BBC's Strictly Come Dancing anchor Bruce Forsyth has slammed X Factor for "scripting" rows that put viewers off the show.

Bruce said there is a limit to how long a show can be admired. Even X Factor boss Simon Cowell's mother prefers to watch Strictly Come Dancing, which recently outshone X Factor in the ratings, Bruce has been quoted by the Sun as saying.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4 Front Row, Bruce said he thought the show only had a couple of series left.

On asked if X Factor was struggling, Brice told the Sun: "Well, I think it is struggling more in the press, than I think in anything else. There is a length of time that sort of show (can last). Although ours is a reality show, we do have people getting up and doing something, we have got beautiful music going on, great singers, we have comedy from the judges, there is (also) comedy from me."

He said: "It has other things to offer, not just singer after singer after singer and judges making up rows between themselves - scripted, I think."

Commenting on Simon's mother, he said, "She said 'I watch Strictly. I watch it every Saturday and I love it. I wouldn't like to say it is on its last legs as I think they will do another couple of series of it."

"I am just thrilled that our show is getting a bigger audience than ever this year. That is what I am thrilled about," he added.

The most recent viewing statistics showed that Strictly Come Dancing had over 1 million viewers in last Saturday's ratings than X Factor.