Yahoo mail down
Yahoo mail down Twitter/Susan Tenby

Internet giant Yahoo's mail service went down again, leading to furious comments about the company on the social media.

In an email response to AFP, the California-based internet firm said it was "working to mitigate a Yahoo Mail issue that is limited to a small segment of users".

"We apologise for the inconvenience as we certainly understand email is a critical service for our customers," the company said.

The mail service, which has 110 million active daily users, was almost back to full functioning as of early afternoon in California, according to Yahoo.

Read some of the furious comments on Twitter with the hashtag #yahoomaildown and #yahoomail.

"Seriously, @yahoomail!? You can't stay up for more than a few minutes? @Yahoo @YahooCare. Maybe an Rx for Viagra?" one Twitter user wrote.

"With email more important than USPS these days, there should be a class action lawsuit against @Yahoo for email incompetence," said another.

"Come on, @yahoomail @yahoocare. Nearly EVERY DAY the mail system goes down around this time! Ridiculous and shambolic! #yahoomaildown," Mel Huang wrote.

"We can land unmanned shuttles on comets, but we can't check our email," said user Adnan Ali.

"#yahoomaildown really fed up with yahoo not working now they really should sort it out, nothing works on yahoo now it seems :(," wrote Carol T.

Some users say that they are going to abandon Yahoo email service forever.

"As soon as I get back into my Yahoo Email, I can start to move all my stuff to another email system," says Bob Noxious.

"At first, i was just embarrassed to still have #yahoomail but now w #yahoomaildown nearly daily, it's become serious," wrote Susan Tenby.