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Cosmos Browser for Android allows you to use the text messaging service of your phone to browse all your favourite web pages without having to connect to the internet/Wi-Fi

For those in countries where Internet Service Providers and cellular carriers play hide-and-seek with respect to offering broadband internet, the Cosmos Browser for Android lets you browse the Web using only text messaging (SMS). The need to connect to the internet via a cellular or Wi-Fi network is eliminated.

All you require is an Android cellphone, the Cosmos Browser, and an unlimited SMS tariff plan from your carrier.

How does the Cosmos Browser operate?

The Cosmos Browser concept is based on a service called Twilio, which acts as moderator between user and the web service they requested.

All you need to do is key in the URL of your desired website in the Cosmos Browser, which sends a text message to Twilio that in turn forwards the requested URL as a POST request to the backend service (developer program).

The backend service is designed in such a way as to remove all graphical elements (by getting rid of CSS, images, and JavaScript), encode, and then convert the entire webpage into a text format. This is sent to users in the form of text messages which are then viewed in the Cosmos browser.

The text messages are automatically removed from your messaging inbox as soon as the entire webpage is transmitted and after users have viewed the webpage in totality.

All that the Cosmos Browser requires is that users have an unlimited text messaging (SMS) plan for sending the requests for webpages. Not subscribing to an unlimited text messaging plan with a carrier could lead to users paying for each URL request that is sent.

Cosmos Browser for Android is not yet officially available to use - the service is expected to be launched by the end of September.