Google Android Silver
A slide showing Android Silver project

Google's long rumoured Android Silver programme, which was expected by early 2015, might not see the light of day, with new reports suggesting that the programme has been deferred for an indefinite period of time.

The Information, which revealed in April 2014 that Google would drop its Nexus series of smartphones (which have been running for four years) in favour of the new Android Silver, now reports that the programme is on hold. Employees seem to have serious doubts regarding the success of Android Silver.

For the Android Silver project, the manufacturers and carrier partners were expected to be paid to produce and sell high-end devices that adhere to Google's specifications. Google would limit the number of third party apps that can be pre-installed on the Android Silver devices or, mandate the users be able to uninstall the apps.

The main reasons for such a state of uncertainty for Android Silver is the July 2014 departure of Nikesh Arora, who is one of the chief architects of this project, said sources familiar with the matter.

Arora served as Google's sales chief before his exit, and he was also in charge of Google's business relationships with carrier networks and mobile manufacturers. His sudden movement did no favours for Android Silver.

However, Google's partners including carriers, manufacturers, and retailers, expressed mixed reaction to the Silver project, notes The Verge.

This means Android fans might not get to see high-end smartphone models sporting Android Silver, with the stock Android experience bloatware free, on major US carriers and other developing markets.