A young distraught woman was seen going door to door, screaming for help, saying she would be killed if her captor found out that she had escaped. The Independent reports that she was allegedly held captive as a sex slave and was discovered to be wearing an electric dog collar and latex lingerie.

One of the neighbours told television station KSHB, "she was terrified" and that her grandmother "heard a woman screaming and came knocking on the door, so she opened the door and the lady said, 'You have to help me, I've been raped, I've been held captive. You gotta help me. If somebody doesn't let me in, he's going to find me and he's going to kill me."

In an interview with KCTV5, Ciara Tharp recalled, "my grandma said she had a metal collar around her neck pretty tight. It was restricting her breathing. She had ligature marks on her wrists. She could tell she was pretty weak. She brought her inside and gave her some food and wrapped a blanket around her."

Another neighbour, Lisa Johnson, saw the bruised woman "hunched over" and crawling up the stairs. She told KCTV, "her face was bound, and she had taken that off. She had some kind of collar device on. She told me that she was being held and that the person she was being held by lived up the street."

When the woman had calmed down, police were able to get her statement on what happened. She was allegedly kidnapped and sexually assaulted at the Old Orchard Road home of Timothy Haslett, Jr. She told the authorities that Haslett "whipped" and raped her "frequently" and held her captive in a small room in a basement.

Haslett has since been charged with first-degree rape, first-degree kidnapping and second-degree assault. The station's release stated that "there are rumours on social media that there are additional deceased victims. There is NO EVIDENCE of that at this time."

Crime scene
Representation. Police arrested 31-year-old Edielson Santos Vidal after the body of his 22-year-old partner, Jackeline de Costa Melo, was found in their home. Photo: Pixabay Pixabay