It would seem that all eyes are on US President Donald Trump, including social media giants that reign in the virtual world. Facebook and Twitter have banned Trump's accounts, and this time around, YouTube has pitched in. It turns out, the video sharing site has been closely monitoring the U.S. President's account and has recently taken down one of the videos that was uploaded on his channel.

A report on The Verge states that an alleged violation of the company's policies was cited as the grounds for such removal. Aside from removing the video, YouTube issued a "strike" against the account, which disables its ability to upload new content. The strike lasts for at least one week.

While many wanted to know which particular video of Pres. Trump violated the policies against inciting violence, the video sharing platform did not divulge the reason behind the removal. It also did not specify which video had a violation.

A statement given by YouTube to The Verge noted that after their careful review and in light of concerns about ongoing potential for violence, they have removed new content that was uploaded to the Donald J. Trump channel.

"As a result, in accordance with our long-standing strikes system, the channel is now prevented from uploading new videos or live streams for a minimum of seven days — which may be extended," a portion of the statement read.

Axios noted that aside from the removal of the newly uploaded video on Trump's channel, content from the official channel of the White House was likewise removed. For the latter, there were two videos that were taken down. One of the videos shows Trump making remarks at the border wall. In another, Trump was speaking to reporters.

Comments have also been disabled in the videos of Trump. In the event that there would be a second strike in the said account, there would be another mandatory two-week suspension. Thereafter, another violation can lead to a third strike which would result in a permanent ban.

It can be recalled that Twitter and Facebook have penalised Trump's account in light of the Capitol Hill raucous.

YouTube took down recent Trump video. Photo: Pixabay