Two 10-year-old twin brothers saved their father from drowning using CPR they learned from watching their favourite movie, "The Sandlot."

Brad Hassig, 46, was doing breathing exercises in the family pool at their house in Mountain Brook, Alabama when he suddenly fell unconscious. His sons, Christian and Bridon Hassig, were playing by the pool with their friend Sam Ebert when they noticed their father "turning blue."

Bridon and Sam immediately jumped into the water and pulled Hassing out onto the stairs. All this happened while Christian was trying to unlock his father's phone so he could call 911 but was unsuccessful in doing so.

He then ran out to get help from the neighbours, but no one was home. He eventually flagged down a car in the street and asked its driver to make a 911 call.

Meanwhile, Bridon began performing CPR on his father based on what he had seen in "The Sandlot." A neighbour, who happened to be a cardiologist, also rushed to the scene after hearing the sirens and dragged Hassig from the pool steps to the deck.

Hassig was then rushed to a nearby hospital by the first responders where he was diagnosed with hypoxia, a condition caused by lack of oxygen due to too much fluid in the lungs.

He said that he heard one of his sons by his side saying, "Daddy, come back. You have to be OK."

The near-death experience has caused Hassig to vow to never do underwater exercises again or swim alone. He is not just proud of his young sons, but calls them his heroes now.

"Christian said I was on my side and shaking and my head was turning blue," he recalled on NBC's Today show. "He yelled for Bridon and Sam to jump in and they each grabbed a shoulder and pulled me to the stairs."

"I am so proud of my boys. I tell them, 'Remember you guys are heroes' and I will be grateful to them forever. And Sam is such a kind and gentle kid. It's a bond now," he added.

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