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Tyler Beedle (Left) and Graham Stephan (Right) discuss Tyler's financial difficulties growing up. (Screenshot: YouTube)

Multi-millionaire real estate agent and investor Graham Stephan started his journey in the property space when he was 18. By 30, he had almost $130 million in residential property sales.

He runs one of the biggest YouTube channels on personal finance, with 4.27 million subscribers and over 10 million monthly views. He shares his business experiences and economic outlook to help people stay on top of financial trends.

Despite his wealth and success, Stephan was captivated by the story of 20-year-old Tyler Beedle, a window cleaner who was earning over $20,000 a month. This young entrepreneur, with no formal education or financial backing, was supporting his family through a business he had built from scratch.

Last year, Stephan saw Tyler approach his home and go door-to-door in his neighbourhood via his home security camera. He later learned that Tyler was selling his window cleaning services.

Stephan got his business card and reached out to give him $100 to help a fellow entrepreneur. To his surprise, Tyler wanted a conversation and real estate advice instead of the money.

Stephan, a seasoned entrepreneur, was humbled by Tyler's resilience and determination. He was eager to learn from this young man who had mastered the art of making money through window cleaning, a job that required him to overcome his shyness and fear of rejection.

Stephan Was Nervous But Was Blown Away By The Results

Stephan hated going door-to-door to sell products primarily because it made him feel he was bothering people. The fear of unpredictability around conversing with random strangers fueled the panic.

Tyler said it is natural to feel that way because people would often reject your proposal and even "slam the door in your face" sometimes. Stephan started the workday with Tyler, expecting to earn between $250-$500.

After facing two quick rejections, the duo landed their first gig for $225, which took around one and a half hours to complete. With some additional cleaning and a tip, they pocketed an easy $300.

Stephan knocked on the next few doors and faced rejection straight up. He understood that the residents could pick up on his anxiety.

Tyler said that a casual approach where you focus on the pain points and the pricing helps. He explained, "You have to talk to 10 people to land maybe one or two jobs. So you have to be super genuine, try to build a good rapport, make a joke; something that will make these people inviting."

A few more rejections later, they got another job that increased their daily earnings to around $550, followed by another $150 gig. Stephan realized they were seven hours in and had already made $700.

By the end of the day, Tyler and Stephan had earned a staggering $1,050, including tips. They had started at 9 a.m. and finished at 6 p.m., making their hourly rate over $100.

Tyler Prayed To Be Financially Successful

Window cleaning
Tyler has long felt that entrepreneurship would take him farther than college and a 9-5 job. YouTube

Tyler's upbringing was marked by poverty, living in a motor home with his parents, sister, and two large dogs. Yet, his unwavering determination to improve their financial situation was evident from a young age. He shared that he always saw entrepreneurship as a way to generate income, even when others might have suggested a more traditional path like college or a 9-5 job.

At seven, he started working with his dad, doing various jobs, including remodelling gigs. Tyler felt it would take him farther than anything, both financially and emotionally.

Before starting his handyman business, he came across Josh Lester and Oliver Lester's story of becoming millionaires by offering window cleaning services at an early age.

From the very start, Tyler's window cleaning business showed promise. On his first day, he earned a staggering $ 700, a result that left him pleasantly surprised and eager for more. He acknowledged the inherent anxiety of going door-to-door, but he also emphasized the importance of pushing through the stress and maintaining authenticity.

Tyler's success in the window cleaning business is a testament to his grit and mindset. He stressed that as you navigate through setbacks and rejections, you gradually lose the fear of rejection, making it easier to adapt to the nature of the job. His journey underscores the importance of resilience and the right mindset in achieving success in any entrepreneurial endeavour.