Phil Mummert and his partner Mish Wright were enjoying a day at Bunker Bay Beach, Western Australia on Friday, July 31, when he became the victim of a shark attack. Phil was surfing when he was attacked by a nearly five-meter-long shark. Other surfers and beach-goers joined forces to help the victim out of the water. Emergency services tended to the young man's wounds before he was airlifted to a hospital. His condition remains stable. Phil's family and partner appreciated the effort of the good Samaritans as well as emergency services.

At around 2:15 pm local time, Phil was out in the water off the popular Western Australian beach. Many other surfers were on their boards catching waves close to him. The 28-year-old local from Dunsborough was suddenly struck by a shark.

Witnesses claim that the young man was attacked so hard that his board was snapped into pieces. The shark clamped onto his leg causing deep lacerations. Other surfers started paddling towards the stricken Phil to save him. The shark let go of the victim and vanished. Some of the surfers put Phil on a surfboard and paddled back to the beach.

Speaking to Nine News, one of the rescuers recalled the incident. He said that he was very close to Phil when the shark breached the water and bit him. The surfer told the victim to get on his board. Other surfers grouped up to ensure that the shark did not return. Witnesses claim that the shark responsible for the attack was a nearly five-meter long great white shark.

Onshore beach-goers kept Phil alert to keep him from going into shock. Emergency services patched up the wounds on the beach. Phil and his partner were then put on a helicopter and flown to Bunbury Regional Hospital.

According to Daily Mail, Phil's mother Jennifer Mummert was there at the hospital after receiving news of the incident. Jennifer revealed that her son will undergo surgeries at either Bunbury or Perth. Even though Phil will have to undergo surgery due to the deep lacerations to his leg, his condition is stable.

Wright shared a picture of her partner in the hospital with a message thanking the strangers who came forward to help him.

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development are investigating the incident. Since the attack, the beach was closed for the day.

Shark bite
A great white shark bit through a surfboard and savaged the surfer's leg. (representational image) Reuters