A person slicing a piece of lard Reuters

Hans Feldmeier, a German retiree, received a tub of lard from the U.S. Aid program in 1948. It was still lying around, unopened, 64 years later, when he opened and ate it.

The 87-year-old retired chemist received this tub of lard, along with two tins of noodles and some milk, when he was just a teenager in the Germany of post-World War II.

"I just didn't want to throw it away," the Herald Sun quoted Feldmeier as saying. Therefore, he took the tub to Frerk Feldhusen, a food safety agent, who confirmed the lard was still edible!

"There is of course a slight lack of smell and taste," Agence France-Presse (AFP) quoted Feldhusen as saying. The lard according to him was "of gritty consistency, difficult to dissolve and looked a bit old".

However, "all in all, given its level of freshness and its material composition, the product is assessed as satisfactory," Feldhusen added, implying the lard was still fit enough to eat.

After the report, Feldmeier reportedly enjoyed the lard with some black bread!