This is the moment that Badminton tournament referee Torsten Berg wasn't expecting. To have to give Chinese and South Korean Women's Teams a good talking to. These are just four of the eight elite sportswomen who've been charged by the World Badminton Federation with misconduct over throwing their matches.

Jung Kyung-Eun and Kim Ha-Na from South Korea were tippy tapping the shuttle cock into the net at the Wembley Arena. Yu Yang and Wang Xiaoli were calling back with exactly the same gameplay (if you can call it that), serving faults and spraying duff shots: both teams trying to LOSE the game for some reason. One of the BBC commentators said during the game how appalled he was at the end, when the Chinese team went on to win and loud boos came from the spectator stands. He said 'What I've seen tonight is not sport, it was a disgrace'

A second South Korean team also went on to try and do the same at a match with the team from Indonesia. The 4 pairings were all charged with 'not using one's best efforts to win a match' and 'conducting oneself in a manner that is clearly abusive or detrimental to the sport'

Putting the poor form aside, we're all hoping there'll be more of the superb sportsmanship displayed by Tour De France winner and Team GB cyclist, Bradley Wiggins, in the form of a Gold Medal. He takes part in the Men's Individual Time Trial Cycling today. All the action starts from half past twelve.