Ab fab the movie
Ab Fab: The Movie hits the cinemas on July 1st but the first trailer has been released Fox

Hold on to your Boli sweetie, the first official trailer for Ab Fab: The Movie has officially landed and it may not be as absolutely informative as we had hoped, but it certainly is fabulous.

Eddie and Patsy zoom into shot on a speedboat, clutching cocktails with two scantily-clad men sunbathing in tow. The scene of the one-minute trailer then switches to the imagined couples pouring and toasting drinks on the beach as the dulcet tones of the voice-over says: "When you must have the best, be sure to choose something something cool, something refreshing, something absolutely fabulous."

Whilst it sounds like more of a vintage Campari advert than the tales of fashion's favourite pair Eddie and Patsy, the sultry tones of Je T'aime are quickly torn away and the original television theme song blares out over glittering gold credits whilst a more recognisable pair totter onto the scene in platforms, silks, stilettos and leopard print, making us immediately long for another dose of Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley's characters.

This little snippet of forthcoming action may only focus on the hapless fashion PR and editor, but we already know that they have a great cast of favourites joining them, in particular Kate Moss, who was spotted dragging herself out of the Thames dressed in a long, green sequin gown and clutching a glass of champagne with a cigarette in her mouth. Also the style maven Joan Collins was spotted on set with the pair and with confirmed cameos from the likes of Stella McCartney, Lulu, Emma Bunton and Cara Delevingne we know there is a world of surprises waiting.

Absolutely Fabulous was first created by Jennifer Saunders in 1992 following the lives of drink and drug abusing fashion PR agent Edie Monsoon (played by Saunders) and her chain-smoking best friend, fashion editor Patsy Stone (Joanna Lumley). Long-running characters also include Eddie's daughter Saffron, played by Julia Sawalha and June Whitfield as Eddie's mother including Jane Horrocks as the hapless assistant Bubble.

The film is set for release on 1st July 2016 so you can have some time to dry-clean the Lacroix and get the Stoli on ice.