Abducted Jordanian Envoy to Libya Freed in Tripoli
A view of the front of the Jordanian embassy in Tripoli Reuters

Jordan's ambassador to Libya Fawaz al-Itan, who was kidnapped last month in Tripoli by Islamist militants, has been freed.

"Ambassador al-Itan is on his way home and in good health," Jordan's Foreign Minister Nasser Joudeh said in a televised address on a state-run channel. The minister gave no other details regarding the release.

The ambassador was kidnapped on 15 April in central Tripoli by masked men who opened fire at his car. His driver was injured during the incident.

His captors had demanded the release of Libyan Islamist insurgent Mohamed Dersi in exchange for the ambassador's freedom.

However, it is still unclear whether the demand to release Dersi has been met.

Fawaz al-Itan's abduction was one of the most high-profile kidnappings in the country since the 2011 Libyan revolution.