Accountants have been named as the best dates.

A dating website that specialises in organising affairs for married people has said that accountants and those who work in the financial sectors are the most exciting people to go on dates with.

According to, accountants are most likely to find an interesting topic of conversation - largely because they realise their day job isn't particularly interesting to most people.

Website spokesman Mike Taylor said: "Understanding that their job may not be the most interesting enables accountants to expand their repertoire of conversation topics and concentrate on their date, helping to make them feel more special.

"Working with facts and figures everyday can mean quite a bit tension builds up and by joining a site like ours, they can live out their fantasies and enjoy some excitement. 'Never judge a book by its cover' is definitely the case here."

The report goes on to say that those who work in the financial sector are one of the top five most common newcomers to the site, which suggests that millions of number-crunchers are desperate for thrills once they leave the office for the day.

Let's just hope that they're not cheating on equations as much as they are on their wives.